Passion for Birth answers to frequently asked questions
Can I organize a workshop close to me?
Passion for Birth and our team of “Passioneers” love to travel and meet new people where they are at.  If you would like to bring a Passion for Birth Childbirth Educator Skills workshop to your city, we are ready to make that happen.  Answer these questions to see if this might a good option for you:

  1. Are there 8-15 people in your area interested in becoming childbirth educators? (Remember, L&D nurses, doulas, midwives and experienced educators are also drawn to take a PfB workshop.)
  2. Are you willing to create a “buzz” and publicize the workshop in your community through print, online and social media sites?
  3. Do you have access to a free or low-cost space that would offer a nice location for up to 15 people that is available from 7:30 to 5:30 for three continuous days. (Living rooms, community centers, yoga studios, church meeting rooms and more are all options)
  4. Is there an easy way for a facilitator and out of town attendees to access your city (close to an airport if they fly) and opportunities for lodging?
  5. Can you or a chosen “course doula/worker bee” assist with meal and snack planning, shopping and preparation?
  6. If you are unable to do these tasks, can you identify someone in your community who might be able to step up?

If you can answer yes to these questions – then let’s talk about next steps.  We are great at finding solutions to make workshops happen all around the world. Do you work for an organization that would like to offer a workshop to its’ employees or members?  We can collaborate with your organization to sponsor a private (or semi-private) workshop just for your team – let’s connect now. Explore Bringing a PfB Workshop to You

What is included in the registration fee?
That’s a great question.  Passion for Birth is unique in that it offers you a 200+ workbook filled with teaching ideas.  We give you a large folder of paper resources, a bag of hands on tools, a box of labor support tools, a snack bag with teaching reinforcements to nibble/sip on.  You can join our facebook groups as an alumni or for support when you register for the exam.  We have a secret website where you can download the masters for the many card activities and interactive handouts. For the breaks during the workshop we have activities like painting belly beads for a necklace or a pattern to make a 3-d pelvis.  You’ll even get to make your own flax seed labor comfort tool. Theme snacks are included like labor inducing cookies, lactation muffins and the Groaning cake from the book, The Birth House.  Depending on the facility, day one the lunch will be provided (either a soup or wraps.)  Day two is a potluck lunch and day 3 will be ordered in.
Is Lamaze membership included in the workshop fee?

As of 9/1/2019, Lamaze changed their policy and the free membership is included when you purchase the Learning Guide.  Once you become Lamaze certified, your membership is included in your certification fees.

Can I attend one day only? What if I have to miss part of the workshop?
Can I attend just one day? Sorry, but you need to attend the whole workshop.  We can’t award partial contact hours and it’s difficult on group dynamics to have people come and go. We also spiral our content and build on what’s been covered earlier. What if I miss part because I’m at a birth or have a family emergency or become ill? We often get asked this as we have had many doulas complete our workshop. We will try to work with you if you miss an hour or two. You are always welcome to come to another workshop if you get called out or miss a significant amount of time. This is a case by case situation and we always hope those babies wait and that a family crisis simply does not happen. There is a small transfer fee of $100. Your registration fees are non-refundable.
Are there scholarships? Payment plans? Fee reductions for LCCEs/PfB grads?

We wish we had access to funds to be able to provide reduced fees, scholarships etc. for everyone who asks.  We try to keep the cost of our workshops as low as possible. For some workshops there is a course doula/worker bee position available which significantly reduces your registration fees. For current LCCEs, we offer a small discount ($100.) For PfB grads, there is a $200 discount.  The course doula/worker bee position is a priority for PfB grads to hold.  Contact for the discount codes.  

Payment plans may be an option but are limited.  When you register for the workshop, click on the button and it should list an option to pay $100 to hold your place.  Then email to see if a payment plan is possible.  An agreement will be sent to you.  If you pay off the entire fee by the early registration deadline, you will pay that amount.  If not, you will have to pay the regular registration rate.  

Are workshops ever cancelled?
PfB HATES to cancel a workshop.  We work very hard when we select sites to make sure we are not in that position.  The host/local organizer promises to do everything in her power to spread the word and make sure there are at least 8 to 15 people excited about coming! However, if only 2 or 3 people and the host register, we will have to cancel.  It’s not only a financial issue but there is not enough “group” for group dynamics, learning from each other and interactive activities.  If your workshop is canceled, you will be offered a refund and receive a discount of  $100 off another workshop. It is recommended before you book non-refundable airline tickets that you check with PfB to see how registrations are going. If weather or illness or family emergency impacts the workshop’s Learning Facilitator, PfB will work hard to substitute another facilitator or delay the start (weather) but try hard not to cancel.  Obviously, these things will be handled case-by-case.
Can I bring my baby to the workshop?
PfB loves babies BUT we have learned that it works best for the baby’s parent, other participants, and the facilitator if someone is brought along to take care of the baby during the workshop and bring the baby in for nursing as needed.  We use all sorts of facilities so the arrangements/space can vary.  There is a big difference between a young baby in arms and one who is in the vocal or active movement stage.  So talk with Teri or the host/facilitator before you register.  Please do not bring your baby without making arrangements.
What is a course doula/worker bee?
The course doula/worker bee is a position that allows for a reduced registration fee and provides valuable support to the course and the facilitator. Basically the tasks include preparing snacks and the first day lunch as well as helping with set up and take down.  You won’t have to miss sessions but there is some pre-workshop shopping/cooking involved.  You will be reimbursed for the food costs. Interested?  Email and see if there is an opening in workshop you are interested in attending.  We provide you with recipes and shopping lists.
Are there contact hours for the workshop?
Yes, after the completion of the workshop and the online tasks, you will receive 28.0 Lamaze contact hours and 28.0 nurse CNE credit.  This program is accepted by ICEA for 28.0 contact hours.  The California Board of Registered Nursing approved this activity for 33.6 contact hours.
What are the steps needed to take the Lamaze certification exam?
The steps you need to take in order to take the Lamaze certification exam depends on what path you are on. New to childbirth education: after completing the workshop and the online work, you only need to purchase the Learning Guide from Lamaze International.

Experienced childbirth educator: if you can document teaching at least 60 hours, the only requirement is to register for the exam after completing the workshop and the online work.

Midwife or midwifery student: After completing the workshop or the fast track midwifery workshop, you can register for the exam. While these are the MINIMUM requirements, PfB recommends you complete the following steps to be an effective, dynamic childbirth educator:

  • observe a childbirth series facilitated by a great educator
  • observe births
  • read the recommended reading list including the Learning Guide
  • create a course design
  • facilitate a course with a mentor

By completing these extra steps, you are well on your way to being a dynamic, effective childbirth educator and will have increased your knowledge and wisdom to be able to pass the LCCE exam.  These are not required steps from Lamaze International, only PfB recommendations. Lamaze exams are given twice a year at various locations around the world. Learn more about the exam dates and deadlines for registration.  

If I create a course design, can I get feedback?
Creating a course design is such an important experience and confidence builder.  You will be forever updating and modifying it but having a solid foundation to build on is an asset. Hopefully after your workshop, you will take your outline of topics that your group made and start adding teaching strategies and time guidelines. Want feedback? Check with your workshop facilitator.  There is a review fee of $100 but tap into their wisdom!  We highly recommend the TTT-PPP format that was highlighted in your workshop.  Remember it’s about what the learners do, not you! Why don’t we just sell a course design?  We could but we feel it’s so important for you to design what you will teach knowing your strengths, your clientele, the length of your course, size of the group.  There are some samples on the resource page.
Are there recommended books to read?
From the Lamaze website: In addition to the Learning Guide, Lamaze International has developed a list of Core Recommended Readings for Lamaze Certification Exam candidates. This list is compiled for use in conjunction with the Learning Guide. Each of these texts contains pertinent information for the childbirth educator in the areas of pregnancy, labor support, breastfeeding and early parenting. Core Reading List

1. Goer, Henci & Romano, Amy. (2012). Optimal care in childbirth. Seattle, WA: Classic Day.

2. Lothian, Judith & DeVries, Charlotte. (2017, third edition). Giving birth with confidence – The official Lamaze guide. New York, NY: Meadowbrook Press.

3. Simkin, Penny, Bolding, April, Keppler, Ann, Durham, Janelle, & Whalley, Janet. (2016). Pregnancy, childbirth, and the newborn. New York, NY: Meadowbrook Press. There is also a companion website to this book:*

4. One of the following breastfeeding books: a. La Leche League. (2010). Womanly art of breastfeeding. Schaumburg, IL: La Leche League. b. Mohrbacher, N. & Kendall-Tacket, K. (2010). Breastfeeding made simple. Oakland, CA: NewHarbinger Publications. c. Newman, J. & Pitman, T. (2014). Jack Newman’s Guide to breastfeeding. London, UK: Pinter &Martin. Note from PfB:  Optimal Care in Childbirth is now outdated.  Same with the breastfeeding books.  The Breastfeeding booklet you will get from the workshop will be adequate.  (also available on line as a PDF.)  I would highly recommend the Birth Partner and the Labor Progress Handbook.

Are there any PfB Facebook groups?
Yes!  please join the Passion for Birth Alumni and Facilitators group after the workshop.  There’s lots of sharing and support there.  PfB alumni and facilitator group. There is another group that you should join once you have registered for the exam – this is where we will post sample questions, give hints and support for taking the exam and then have an online celebration when you get the results and you passed!  PfB exam support FB group. Some groups start their own facebook support group.  Make sure you add your facilitator and Teri if you have questions that we may be able to help.
Can I get a duplicate certificate?
You will receive one certificate of attendance that you attended the workshop.  Once the on-line portion is completed, you will receive the official certificate that outlines the contact hours by email attachment.  You can print it out but you’ll be uploading the pdf to the Lamaze certification center to register for the exam.  If you need a duplicate of that, please send $10 replacement fee with the date and location of your workshop to  Fee can be sent via