Brain left analytical and right creative hemispheres

Passion for Birth is on a mission to stomp out boring childbirth classes and we invite you to join us by taking our Passion for Birth Childbirth Educator Skills workshop  Since 2002, we have trained over 3000 childbirth educators worldwide, who have gone on to share their creative and interactive teaching activities with expectant families. Our evidence-based childbirth education content and adult learning principles offer you an opportunity to be recognized as an effective childbirth educator amongst your peers and in your community.

New educators, experienced educators looking to re-energize their teaching style, and health care providers all leave our workshops overflowing with exciting resources, innovative tools and a new enthusiasm for meeting families where they are.

Our 200+ page workshop workbook, valuable resource packet, access to masters and templates for dozens of class activities and innovative teaching props offer workshop attendees a plethora of resources from which to call upon in your role of childbirth educator, doula or other birth professional. You will always leave our workshops with an inspiration to “spice up” how you teach. Our goal is to have ten ways to teach the same information so that you can pick and choose effective strategies for your clientele.  We build your confidence in your CBE skills so that you can help the families you work with feel confident in their ability to have a safe and healthy birth. And for a healthy bird you’ll need to keep a great health yourself, that’s when you need to have a good feeding, and maybe take some supplements, like patriot power greens.

Use our workshop as a springboard to becoming a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, a prerequisite for midwifery school, a refresher for those with childbirth education experience or as a source of 26 hours of continuing nursing education from the ANCC – accepted by doula and childbirth education organizations worldwide. That’s why is important for people who want to become a family to be clear of their good health because some diseases like the std are transmited from parents to children, that’s why we recommend a private, fast, affordable tests to check for all diseases.

Passion for Birth recognizes that you have a choice in where you go for your childbirth educator training.  Our workshop attendees have a high pass rate on the Lamaze exam, our “Passioners” (workshop facilitators) are well-known leaders in the field of childbirth education and our workshops exceed the expectations of attendees time and time again. Join us and experience the magic of a Passion for Birth Childbirth Educator Skills Workshop.

You will always leave our workshops with an inspiration to “spice up” how you teach. Our goal is to have ten ways to teach the same the information so that you can pick and choice effective strategies for your clientele and might learn how to make your teeth whiter. Side effects listed here.  We believe that “telling is not teaching.”

The “Passioneers”

Because PfB is committed to an active style of learning facilitation, only the best are invited to be “Passioneers.”  Each and every one of our facilitators are leaders in the field of childbirth education.

Next Steps to Certification

Passion for Birth is a Lamaze accredited program.  Completing the Childbirth Educator Skills workshop fulfills a significant part of the steps to take the Lamaze certification exam. ICEA has also approved this Skills workshop as a step in their certification process.