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Praise for Passion for Birth Workshops

Here are just a few of the things people are saying about Passion for Birth Workshops.

“A few other local educators had taken the PfB workshop before me and unanimously said that this was the one and only LCCE workshop to take. I learned so many different ways to get good, evidence-based information across to the families here in the Twin Cities. From information, to techniques to props… it’s outstanding. Teri and Sharon are a terrific team. DO IT! You will be so glad you did!” – Charlie Foust

“Thankful for all the wisdom she has shared with individuals in my community. Taking her PfB workshop gave me the confidence to follow my desire to help families prepare for the journey ahead of them! I was equipped with tools that have not just proved useful as a childbirth educator but also as a doula. I am so lucky to have Pat in my area!” – Nella Goho, LCCE, CD(DONA)

“Teri and Sharon are incredible instructors! I came away from this workshop so inspired to teach families about childbirth. They can make any kind of lesson fun and interactive, and best of all – meaningful to the learner.” – Katie Rohs, LCCE

“I took a Passion for Birth workshop after attending ICEA training and teaching for 5 years. I loved it! The passion and encouragement in the room was enough to rejuvenate me as an educator. The creativity restocked my teaching toolkit, helping me enjoy teaching more. I love the people at Passion for Birth!” – Serena O’Dwyer

“I’d been teaching for 15 years before I took this workshop.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and came back with renewed energy and enthusiasm for my job, plus a huge list of things to try in my classes”. – Andrea Lythgoe

“I’ve been a teacher of many subjects for over twenty years. I’ve even taught teachers. I don’t mention this because I think I’m a good teacher, rather I think I know good teachers when I see them. This series was one of the few times I was able to say to myself, “Now THAT is good teaching.” When I hear the word ‘workshop’ my impulse is to run in the other direction. This was one of the few workshops that felt like all of the time and money invested was worth it. Thanks again to both Sharon Muza and Teri Shilling.” David Goldman

“I know I speak for my entire cohort when I say that we feel very lucky to have had this experience with Ann! We all felt re-energized and excited to teach our future clients how to feel confident in their birthing.” Midwifery student, Topsail Beach, NC workshop 2016

“Passion for birth was a fantastic hands on educators course! Id say its content light, i had to learn to bulk of my curriculm after taking Pfb but this course was way beyond just the information. It’s what prepared me to teach and keep classes engaged and interested! I refer back to my handbook before each class and have had other childbirth educators comment on how fun and lively my classes have been since I have activitys and group exercises an less lecture. Sharon Muza and Teri Shilling were so fun, and passionate about what they do! Sharon especially boosted my confidence, i started off very nervous and now I’m ready to teach completely on my own. I dont think i would be so comfortable and confident without passion for birth! Its a must take course! I want to take it again in the future, you won’t regret it!” – Chevy

“The workshop exceeded my expectations. The seminar really did its job and provided us with a lot of tools and I really appreciate that. Now I don’t have to spend years finding good tools that work they teach everything, from how to boost your confidence in your pregnancy and yourself to pregnancy neglijence  and how to treat with doctors. I loved it.” Attendee, Santa Rosa, CA workshop, 2016

“Passion for Birth childbirth educator training models exactly the best practices of how to teach, engaging participants and developing community simultaneously.” – Attendee, Santa Rosa, CA workshop 2016

“The handouts and workshop materials were so awesome! I wanted to use almost everything Connie used because it was so powerful. It is one of the few times when I felt like I have so many options that planning a class will be hard not because of a lack of ideas but because I have to choose! – Attendee, Santa Rosa CA Workshop”

“Last night I taught my first “solo” Lamaze class. It’s the first of a 6-week series. I have 12 couples in the class! Talk about Endorphins!! I walked out there on cloud nine. It was the best feeling in the world. It reminded me of the first birth I attended as a doula and how great it felt. I kept hearing your voice echoing in my head “get them involved” “get them out of their seats” “High Energy” and “don’t forget your artichokes!!” I already got an email from one of the couples saying that after just one class they already feel more confident and reassured and they want to sign up for the doula program at my hospital. I did the “I like, I wish, I hope” evaluation at the end of class and I got the best feedback. I walked out of my first class so inspired and happy and I really do owe it all to you. Your teaching and guidance was so inspirational and motivating. I felt totally prepared walking in last night. I am excited to take the test in April and become a LCCE. I know now more than ever that I am one lucky woman to have had you train me for both my doula and my Lamaze work. Thank you sooo much Ann, you are an incredible mentor and I am very grateful. I will let you know how the rest of my series goes. ” – Attendee, Topsail Beach, NC

“As a ‘non-nurse’ childbirth educator, I particularly appreciated Ann Tumblin’s ability to use non-technical language which often brought me additional clarity.  Since I shall be teaching privately and must furnish my own teaching aids, her generosity in sharing her amazing array of self-created learning tools and games was so important.”  – Attendee, Topsail Beach, NC

“Ann is an outstanding instructor whose teaching skills are highly developed.  She role models characteristics of excellence in teaching.  She delivers very clear presentations.  A real credit to Passion for Birth.” – Attendee, Topsail Beach, NC

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